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  • Electrum Pro II
SKU: 132026182108

Electrum Pro II

The Pro II Pickleball Paddle from Electrum includes all of the excellent technology introduced with the original Pro model, but with slightly longer and narrower proportions for additional reach and follow-through as compared to the original. The trim 11mm (0.43") thick core is ideal for delivering lots of power and pop, while retaining the precision needed for softer exchanges. The Pro II’s high quality carbon fiber face is durable and includes plenty of the texture Electrum paddles are known for, for adding crazy spin to your cuts and slices.
The Pro II Paddle weighs 7.9 – 8.2 oz. and is 16" long. It retains a sizable sweet spot due to its 8" width and only uses whole cells in its polypropylene core, resulting in durability and a consistently reactive feel across the entire surface. The handle is 5.25" long which offers enough room for most players to make use of double-handed shots. Its grip is 4.25" in circumference and features a premium leather wrap which feels smooth and supple while repelling moisture for extra security.
The Pro II Carbon Fiber Paddle by Electrum Pickleball will enhance your power and accuracy, making you a more dynamic player and a threat on the court.
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