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  • Electrum Model E 13mm
SKU: 132021182608

Electrum Model E 13mm


The Model E 13mm (0.512") Pickleball Paddle is Electrum's answer to players' cries for more reach and more power. A sibling to the massively popular Model E 16mm Paddle. This paddle boasts an elongated 16-1/2" overall lenth, and a 7-3/8" wide face that situates the sweet spot high for additional power while helping you reach tricky shots near the kitchen or over your head. Accenting this elongated face is a 5 1/2" long handle that further boosts your reach while generating more leverage (and therefore power) on big drives. A midweight range and perfect balance yield a paddle that is accessible for many skill levels, and raise the ante on power over this paddle's 16mm thick older brother.

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